It is not how many ideas you have. It’s how many you make happen. --Accenture

OTRD Events

Lavish? Little Bit? Last Minute?

No matter where you are in your event planning process,  OTRD can work with you to make your event memorable!  We can help you design an event from the ground up, add 'bells and whistles' to your already-planned event, or simply work with you last-minute and/or onsite to help maximize attendance and enhance your guests' experience.   We can also help secure sponsors to support your non-profit fundraiser, festival, or event.

What Can OTRD Bring to the Party?

-'Dining In The Dark Detroit' - Gourmet blindfolded and candlelit pop-up dinners

-Musicians/bands - rock, pop, blues, country, acoustic, jazz, latino, polka, cover/top 40

-Booking of a wide variety of performers: Dueling Pianos, Santas, Impersonators, Game Show Hosts for corporate events, Karaoke, etc.

-Unique Caterers, Experienced Bartenders, Food Trucks

-Strategic event promotion to maximize attendance

-Raffles, Contests, Ticket Giveaways

What Our Clients Say

  “Kathy has done an excellent job the last few years in helping to build our sponsor base for the Detroit Music Awards. She is a tireless worker and it is a pleasure to be on the same team with her.” Howard Hertz, President, Detroit Music Awards Foundation

 “I worked  with Kathy Vargo for five years on the outstanding Detroit Music Awards  held each year at the Fillmore Theater. Kathy was always the go-to  person and knew how to get things done. She was the first person I'd  speak to about the event and worked tirelessly to accomplish her goals  for the DMAs. She is well-connected in the metro area, intelligent,  driven, efficient and personable; I enjoyed getting to know Kathy and  know that she will continue to move the event in a positive direction.  She is a driving force behind the event and I would recommend her work  to anyone.”   Jennifer Berkemeier, Catering and Special Events Sales Manager at Cobo Center